In the summer of 2022, two young men are sitting at the beach taking in the beauty and splendor of the area. But wait, tranquil times are over and social distancing is done. They are surrounded by kids building sandcastles, a bunch of teens playing volleyball, a few surfers and more. They begin to think they miss the days of Covid when the beach was peaceful and quiet.

Low and behold their eyes are starstruck when they see the most beautiful site that they have ever gazed upon. Through the glistening sun they catch the scene of a beautiful young woman coming out of the ocean. The gaze of the sun is blinding them; however, they can catch the view of her lower back. They could make out the print on her two-piece suit, but could see no more.

Suddenly one of the snotnose kids that was building a sand castle decides he wants to bury some strangers and starts dumping sand all over are heroes. The young men scream at the parents who turn out to think their kids can do no wrong and after a few minutes of avoiding the helicopter blades, return to their spot on the beach.

After things calm down, they realize their glittering beauty is no longer nearby. They scan the beach hoping to catch another glimpse of this mermaid turned model, unable to find her. Then, as a cloud passes by, they finally locate her in the distance. They only have a limited view of this angel and commit their image to memory. Hoping to meet her and get her twitter handle, they rush over, but they are to late. She is gone.

Did she wander back into the sea and return to her mermaid life? Did her wings extend and she flew back to the heavens to join the rest of her angels? Did she hop into her invisible jet and fly back to Themyscira. They do not know.

She is now gone and all they have is the hope of permanently minting her image to the blockchain so that one day, someone, somewhere can reintroduce them to this magnificent wonder.