The premier NFT focusing on the back side of the Solana Network

AssSols takes the NFT market to a whole new level. No more showing faces with different expressions or animals dressed as clowns. Instead, AssSols goes back to the retro world of the eighties with a pixelated NFT focusing on the derrière of the subject. Our graphic artist went through several iterations to finally come up with a design that allows for an appropriate view of the name play on the greatest token ever created.

In addition to the excellent artwork, each model has their own unique story describing who they are, where they live, their favorite hobby and of course their favorite beach to visit.

Unfortunately, some of our models have had accidents which led to an amputation of their limbs, yet still gorgeous. If you’re lucky enough to catch one of these beauties you’ll get to find out what caused their dismemberment. These holders will get a special airdrop in the near future showing what their missing limb is currently doing.

Finally, let’s be honest, everyone wants to know how much these NFTs will trade for. Well who really knows just yet, but we are pretty confident they will be worth more than the minting cost.

With that said, we will only be generating 4,550. To celebrate the Christmas season we’re now offering the mint price of 0.1 SOLS. Our goal is to create a thriving community that wants to stay involved and help further grow AssSols beyond the planned second and third generation.

If your curious as to why we picked 4,550 unique designs, read our FAQ’s. In fact, read them all before you decide to invest in this project. We think they do a great job of portraying our mindset and where we want this project to go.

In addition to a super low minting price, we have several merch, gifts and burns scheduled for those who want to participate. Though we love some of the great ideas our team has come up with, we know we’re eventually going to be stuck and runout of great plays on our name. Thus, we’ll be counting on the community to help contribute and grow our Asses to new heights.

With all the NFTs focused on faces, it’s about time we dedicate some of our blockchain resources to the other features of the body. Hurry up and join an NFT team that is doing anything but sitting down.