If you have to ask, you probably need a diuretic. In about 15 minutes you’ll know what your AssSol is and what it is good for.

However, an AssSol NFT is a bit different. These are 4,550 algorithmically generated, unique, cute and funny derrieres with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain!

Hmmm. We’re hoping you can figure this out without clicking the link. If you give up, then check this out.


FYI, the zero just makes sense at the end.

Purchasing an AssSol is super simple. Connect your Solana wallet and follow the buy prompts.

  1. Download the Phantom or Sollet wallet extension for your browser(Google Chrome recommended).
  2. Buy Solana(SOL) on an exchange like FTX, Binance, Coinbase etc and send it to your Phantom or Sollet wallet Public Address.
  3. Connect your Wallet to our website by clicking on the Connect button.
  4. Click the “Buy” button on https://www.asssols.xyz and approve the transaction in your Wallet.

We know where our AssSols are located, but if your not sure where your AssSol is, it will be sent to the wallet you used to purchase it within a matter of minutes.

No limits, except for what we limit with our non-exclusive license.

Really we are pretty flexible. You can use it as your avatar, you can post it online or even brag to your friends how you spent your hard earned crypto currency on your AssSol (makes for a great story at parties).

You can do pretty much anything you would do with your own AssSol, except with this one you can actually look at it while you’re sitting on the toilet.

All individual pieces of the AssSol world have been created by our designers’ and their ingenuity and  then algorithmically generated using custom code. There are over 110 attributes across 8 categories: These categories include background, body style, skin color, swim suit, swim suit stamp, tramp stamp, type of leg, sunglasses and best of all, their name and story.

With these combined, it gives a total mathematical combination of hundreds of thousands of unique AssSols – but with only 4,550 being minted, some are more unique and rare than others.

Of course we will. Expect to see them shortly after the full minting is complete.

The AssSols NFT team are a small bunch of beach bums from Texas who only visit South Padre as all other Texas beaches are terrible (even Padre isn’t that great). Our core principles are to deliver a fun and enjoyable experience through the art world and incorporate our desire to get back to the water where we love the sights and sounds.

5% royalties will be applied to all resales. We will be using these funds for future development.

We had Mexican food to celebrate the launch of our website so our AssSols future is pretty bleak.

Thankfully, we can see beyond tomorrow morning and have 2 additional generations planned for the AssSol NFT. But more importantly than art, we have two burns and an airdrop planned allowing each holder some really great merch and NFTs in return.

Like every other NFT, we’re hiding the goodies, but we really like the ideas we have.

What we can promise you is that the AssSols will not be battling or going to war with each other. We don’t plan on having lasers coming out of our AssSols (Oh wait…I’m feeling the refried beans now). Instead, we’re going to have a lot of fun with this project and holders will be involved in many different activities and the development throughout the project.

Great question. We have cleaned and bleached 100 AssSols that will be reserved for giveaways, competitions and owner airdrops.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well our eyes aren’t working so well. 

Actually, we decided to make our NFTs pixelated as to be humorous and enjoyable, but not completely disgusting to where you wouldn’t want to display it on your wall. Since we went with the 1980’s pixelated theme, we decided to carry this style to the site. 

To be honest, this was pretty hard to do. Picking a font, colors, etc… were not easy, but we think we did a pretty good job. Grandpa would be proud if he still had his marbles.

A bunch of really nice people, but I’m sure we’ve made some enemies in the past and they probably think we’re AssSols too.

Glad you asked. We didn’t want to create these beautiful creatures and just give them numbers to be identified by. 

In addition to creating unique images, we generated 4,550 unique names and stories for each image. Rather than just seeing a boring description about the NFT in your wallet, you’ll get to learn how old your AssSol is, where they live, their occupation and more. Some even have an explanation for their rare traits.