Happening Now!

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Phase 1

Release 455 unique AssSol NFTs with individual attributes and stories. These will be pre-sold for a discounted price of .455 SOLS.

Phase 2

Release on exchanges.
We’re pre-Approved on DigitalEyes after we mint.

We will begin airdropping a few AssSols around the NFT world, especially ones that should mean a lot to a few great creators that inspired us.

Happening Now!


Phase 3

Release the remaining 3,995 AssSols for a
price of 1 SOL

Phase 4

This is where it gets cool. We will begin our IRL (in real life) game. There will be much more to come on this as we mint out, but for now, understand our project will be community driven and the game will require community involvement. Don’t expect to mint and sit with this project.

Here’s a hint. Read our Lore and watch our promo video and maybe you’ll be able to figure out where this project is headed.

Phase 5

Gen 2 will be Gen 1 with a twist. Once the Gen 1 game ends we will roll into our new images that will incorporate a similar game to the previous one. Why play the same game??? Our guess is the audience we’re attracting will enjoy it just as much.

If the Gen 1 game is as successful as we hope it will be, we may invite more users to join in with a larger total mint supply for Gen 2. We’ll still keep it reasonable, but the more the merrier.